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Simple and Dramatic 1-Light Portrait with Jeff Rojas

October 17, 2016

For some photographers, head shots are the bread and butter of business. If there's anything that a photographer should always have in their (mental) tool kit, it's a go-to simple 1-light head shot.

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Highlighting Curves with Color, Light, and Posing for Boudoir with Lindsay Adler

October 04, 2016

Boudoir portraits are designed to evoke the idea of intimacy, seduction, and the beauty of the body. What better way to stir up those reactions than to highlight the natural curves and add color to the portrait to play on our subject's lingerie.

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Über Rogue Photographic Design

Entwickelt von ExpoImaging, ist Rogue Photographic Design eine Linie von innovativem Beleuchtungszubehör für Enthusiasten von kleinen Beleuchtungsstroboskopen. Diese formbaren, neuen Beleuchtungsinstrumente bieten Fotografen eine enorme Kontrolle  über das Licht, das von Ihrem Blitzgerät ausgeht. Mehr Informationen über Angebote von Rogue Photographic Design sind verfügbar auf